Andrea Sorrentino is indefinably gifted with skills in contemporary arts. Ranging from animation to clothing design, her talents have grown to mirror her dedication to beauty and style.

Despite her daily creation of websites for an Interactive Multimedia Studio, she dreams of persuing animation as her end all career.

Stepping into her office reveals thousands of faces glinting emotion from every spare scrap, edge or corner of paper. Little creatures inhabit her piles of notebooks and beasts run across her calendars. Doodling, after all, is the mark of a growing animator.

Although Andrea's passion remains with hand drawn animation, she has evolved with the flow of technology and branched into computerized animation using current software technologies. At Andrea's hands, the obtuse computer fades into a window where her creations on screen perform whatever emotion she deems fitting.

In all her activities she carries the belief "This can be done better!" Cursed with an eye for perfection and blessed with an eye for beauty, she uses her life to challenge expectations, improve what time allows, and create wild new things for us all to enjoy.